November 10, 2019

Below 3 videos edited by Studio Wane for the annoncement of the Mining Versary 2019, Third edition.

Save the date on the 06 12 2019 .


Video 2

Video 3

Video of the Mining Versary 2018. Interview of David Marwich from Schramm Hammer and bits, Mark Goosen from AMC Drilling Fluids, Christopher Beard from CPS Africa. The evening was sponsored by X&M, AMC drilling fluids, Schramm H&B, Marlink and CPS Africa. 

The danci...

September 5, 2018

The Gold Mining Journal edited by Paydirt every three month, dedicated few pages on the West African Exploration and Mining sector in their latest edition. The SEMS  West African Geology map (Download the PDF geological map by clicking on the link) was distributed with...

February 1, 2018

Video of the Abidjan Mining Drinks of December 2017 that was sponsored by X&M and its Partners to celebrate the last drink of the year, X&M 5th anniversary and Christmas period.  This was an epic party, see you in December 2018 for the Mining Versary 2018. It will be b...