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Mining Versary 2019 - Abidjan Mining Drinks

The Mining Versary 2019 was organised by X&M and sponsored by Geodrill, FTE Drilling, FORACO, IMDEX Limited, Marlink, OREAS and X&M. A big thanks to all the sponsors and participants which make possible the orgnaisation of this special event, where culture, danse, music and art united.

See below some videos taken during the event

1. Robot show organised by Waranikala danse performing agency - Henry Haddad

2. African danse show part 1 and 2

3. Disco danse show

4. Saxophone playing with Electro DJ

5. Rico the Wizard from Crydamoure mixing at the Mining Versary 2019 with drums

6. Mining Versary movie 2019 - Cyrpess Hill and Roni size - Child of the West

7. Mining Drinks October 2019 - Montage Gold and Marlink sponsored the event

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